Episode 2 – Tips for New Quilters

Sorry the notes are not complete for this episode.  I thought I already had a draft done up with links and everything.  Oh well.  I am leaving now with the two kids in tow to New Mexico for a week and then to Texas for a week.  I will try to update the notes in a couple of days.

Podcast: Episode 2 – Tips for New Quilters


Episode 1 – My First Podcast

This is my first post about my new podcast, Quilts ‘n Kids.  I have two kids, Dylan and Jadyn, ages 5 and 2.  I have been married to my high school sweetheart for the last 15 years and we all live in beautiful Colorado.  I am a CPA, working a flexible work arrangement at a public accounting firm.  In between kids, various home and recreational activities and work, I try to find some spare time for my obsession, quilting.

Podcast: Episode 1 – My First Podcast

Just to add one additional element to my busy schedule, I have decided to create a podcast and blog.  I am not technical and have been able to accomplish pretty much all of this on my own.  With the exception of actually posting everything and I had to enlist my computer savvy husband’s assistance with that part.  You can download my podcast directly from my blog or visit iTunes and become a subscriber.

Please leave me comments and let me know how I am doing.  Thanks for listening and learning more about me, my family and my quilting obsession.