Episode 7 – You Were Always on My Mind

I’m back. I am so sorry to have been such a terrible friend for so long. How rude of me to have not checked in with everyone earlier. But don’t doubt my fondness for you for a minute, because you were always on my mind. Life just happened to get in the way and really slowed down my quilting, blogging, podcasting, etc.

Podcast: Episode 7 – You Were Always on My Mind

Also I am sorry for the terrible show notes this time, but I cannot remember what I talked about the other day. I think the summary of the podcast is that I am now a stay at home mom (SAHM). It’s been fun and I love spending more time with my babies and I actually have time to focus on hubby. Sadly, there has been even less time for my other love, quilting. I am trying to be creative with things to do with Jadyn during the day and with Dylan after school. SAHMs please feel free to send me any thoughts you have for entertaining kids.

I did create my own pattern for the GO! and instructed a class on that one.

I made 6 totes for the kids teachers for Christmas and did not take a single picture of any of them. However, giving them away has resulted in interest and people want to place orders. Yea!!!

My brother in law gave us Kindle’s for Christmas. The books I have read since Christmas are:

The Crossroads Cafe, Suite Scarlett, Murder Takes the Cake, The Velveteen Rabbit, Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Recipes – all were found for free in Kindle Store

The Shack, Finger Lickin’ Fifteen, Kindle Shortcuts, Hidden Features – books purchased in Kindle Store

I have downloaded quite a few more free books that I cannot wait to read. I enjoyed all of the above mentioned.