Episode 10 – Ready Set Serge

Welcome back. 

Podcast: Episode 10 – Ready Set Serge  

Ready, Set, Serge: Quick And Easy Projects You Can Make in Minutes  


Backpack I made and donated to my friend’s school for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Placemats donated for school's silent auction.


Pillows for "goody bags" from the sleepover.


More pictures to come once I discover which camera I took them all with!  





4 Responses to “Episode 10 – Ready Set Serge”

  1. -debby, chester ny Says:

    So happy you’re back. Enjoyed the podcast!

  2. Robin F Says:

    I love your idea of the pillowcases for the sleepover. I recently bought a used embroidery machine, which I’m still trying to figure out how to center my embroideries.

    Thanks for your show! I enjoy hearing the kid stories too. I have a 4 year old daughter and she gives us good laughs too. Recently she told me, “Mommy, when my mouth stops talking, my brain doesn’t.” LOL! Love those kiddos!

    • quiltsnkids Says:

      I think you will enjoy the embroidery machine so much. Of course, I have had mine for almost three years and I am just now doing stuff. I think I will do a podcast on embroidery and stabilizers, etc. based on my limited knowledge. Also, would love to use your daughter’s story on the next podcast. That is hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Colleen Says:

    Michele, I absolutely agree with your comment about not wanting to make a quilt for a silent auction, but being OK to make a quilt for a gift. I feel the same way, and was glad to hear someone shared my views!


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